I have always enjoyed sketching and have known for years that I wanted to learn to paint but never explored the opportunities for getting started. Then about 4 years ago my husband gave me a gift – a days’ workshop for beginners with local artist Kate Bentley. I did not even own a brush. Kate provided all the equipment I needed for the day and the rest is history. I continued to attend Kate’s workshops and still do.  I started with watercolour and, always being open to trying new things, have tried other mediums including acrylic and oil. I especially like oil, and at the time of writing I am  attending an oil painting course run by  professional artist Graham Twyford.

Ann Fitch

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Whilst attending Kate’s workshops I met many like minded people, including members of Cartmel Art Society – with encouragement I joined the society in August 2011. Joining the society is one of the best thing I have ever done, not just for the painting and the regular professional tuition, but the people are great, friendly, encouraging and fun. The programme is varied and comprehensive, providing stimulation through demonstrations, workshops with professional artists and opportunity to try different techniques.


During the Exhibition last year three of my paintings sold, then two more sold in an Exhibition in Lindale, and I have continued to sell a few more since then.


The thought that someone wants a painting I created on their wall is an indescribable feeling of satisfaction.


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