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Irene Wild

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I always wondered if I could paint in  watercolour after having had no formal training.  In 1994 I decided to attend a local authority night class.  I came home with my first attempts at drawing and we all laughed. In 1996 I joined Cartmel Art Society, mainly because they wanted a Secretary. When the Exhibition was due one of the older members encouraged me to put a painting in for sale. When I went to show him what I had put in I nearly went through the roof - it had a red dot (sold!) To think someone parted with their hard earned money to buy something I had painted was elating.  I have since been on many courses with Judith Milne, Helen Schofield, Eric Gleave, Louis Morton, Ann Blockley, Kate Bentley, and latterly Janette Phillips to mention but a few.  I love our Art Society, we have many workshops and I have made so many friends of like minds.

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Painting really started for me when my husband and I decided to leave Whitstable in Kent and retire to Cumbria in 2009. I had always loved various forms of craft work, but this gradually fizzled out when I became involved in education.  So when I retired and my husband presented me with paints, brushes and papater etc at Christmas I was thrilled and desperate to have a go.  I was very fortunate to find an excellent teacher, Bob Henfrey, who not only taught me the basics of watercolour and oils, but introduced me to to a myriad of different artists, some of whom I'd never come across before.  I find that there is so much to learn by looking at other artists work and how they tackle different subjects etc.  My real love is landscape paiting and these I paint mainly in oils, but still find some work better in watercolour.